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SuperGlide S6 MIG (GMAW) Mild Steel Non-Copper Coated Wire, 0.035" Dia., 44 lb. Fiber Spool

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SuperGlide S6 MIG (GMAW) Mild Steel Non-Copper Coated Wire, 0.035" Dia., 44 lb. Fiber Spool, 30 - 50 CFH Flow Rate

Deoxidizers tolerate light mill scale Microguard Ultra provides superior feeding and arc stability Bare wire reduces copper fumes Supports short-circuiting, globular, axial spray and pulsed spray transferTypical Applications: Medium to heavy mill scale base material Sheet metal to 380-485 MPa (55-70 ksi) yield strength material Automotive repairWelding Positions: AllShielding Gas: 100% CO 75-95% Argon / Balance CO 95-98% Argon / Balance OConformances: AWS A5.18/A5.18M: 2005: ER70S-6 ASME SFA-5.18: ER70S-6 CWB/CSA W48-06: ER49S-6 MIL-E-23765/1: MIL-70S-6

Appearance:Solid welding wire or rod
Charpy V-Notch @ -29C (-20F) - As Welded with 100% CO:71 (52) J (ft"lbf)
Elongation - As Welded with 100% CO:28%
Flow Rate:30 - 50 CFH
Package:44 lb. Fiber Spool
Physical State:Solid
Tensile Strength MPa (ksi) - As-Welded with 100% CO:540 (78)
Yield Strength MPa (ksi) - As Welded with 100% CO:430 (62)

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