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Create Ultra-Crisp, long-lasting marks with Rust-Oleum Industrial Choice M1600 System Precision Line Inverted Marking Paint Spray. This solvent-based formula creates accurate, easy-to-read markings in bright, durable colors. Marks up to 250% more linear feet than other brands; precision tip"virtually no overspray Resists early fading and chalking Adheres to hot surfaces; can be sprayed in the cold (to 25F) Dries in under 5 minutes For Best Results - Apply using the Marking Pistol or Marking Wand

Appearance:Aerosolized Mist
Boiling Range:-37 - 537C
Color:Fluorescent Orange
Dry Times at 70-80F (21-27C) and 50% Relative Humidity:Less than 5 minutes
Evaporation Rate:Faster than Ether
Explosive Limits, Vol%:0.9 - 14.3
Flammability:Supports Combustion
Flash Point:-105C
MIR:Maximum value of 0.85
Odor:Solvent Like
Packing Type:Aerosol Can
Physical State:Liquid
Pigment Type:Varies with color
Practical Coverage:Approximately 600-700 linear feet at 1 inch wide
Relative Density:0.869
Resin Type:Modified Alkyd
Shelf Life:5 years
Size:17 Oz. Spray
Solubility (Water):Slight
Solvents:Acetone, Xylene, and Toluene
UPC Code:020066112653
Vapor Density:Heavier than Air

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