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Custom Gas Solutions

We can provide the gases you need, when you need them.

No matter what your current gas use is, S.J. Smith can provide cylinder gases, medical gases, specialty gases, micro-bulk systems, laser-assist gas systems, cryogenic and technical services, plus onsite telemetry.

At S.J. Smith, we have four fill plants that are ready to service all your industrial gas needs, including nitrogen, oxygen, argon, argon mixes, helium and carbon dioxide. Our 10,000-sq.-ft. specialty gas plant in Decatur, Ill., provides customers with the highest quality, pure, mixed and custom-blended gases available. Each of our cylinders goes through a quality check before and during the fill process, inspecting the cylinder for damage to making sure the appropriate gas label is affixed, is legible and is applied correctly. Also, we can also track your cylinders through our barcode system.

Specialty gas laboratory at S.J. Smith’s Decatur location.

Specialty gas laboratory at S.J. Smith in Decatur, IL.

Bulk and Micro-Bulk Options

When your gas usage increases to a point where high pressure or liquid cylinder solutions won’t meet your needs, S.J. Smith offers micro-bulk systems that mount permanently in small spaces and conform to ASME standards for stationary operation. It’s a great way to eliminate time spent changing cylinders, managing deliveries and handling liquid cans. Another option is to install a bulk tank at your facility. With the resources of S.J. Smith and our partnership with Messer, one of the world’s largest gas producers, we can install and fill liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid oxygen (LOX) and liquid argon (LAR) bulk tanks of 300 gallons and up.

Laser Gas Solutions

S.J. Smith provides resonator gases and assist gases for today’s ever-changing laser gas requirements. Our specialty gas laboratory in Decatur manufactures laser gas mixtures containing carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, argon and carbon monoxide, and certifies these to meet each laser manufacturer’s requirements for purity and mixture concentrations.

In April 2017, S.J. Smith Company received ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation for Chemical Calibration and Chemical Testing from the Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. (PJLA). The accreditation followed a three-year process of documenting and updating procedures and processes, working with consultants, updating equipment and going through testing. As a result, the Decatur location of S.J. Smith is one of eight companies with that level of accreditation in the State of Illinois. 

Engineered Gas Solutions

We will work with you to determine minimum and maximum pressure requirements, average and peak flow requirements, materials being cut, as well as post-cut processes such as welding, blasting and painting. We will ask about future expansion plans, determine the distance from your gas supply system to your lasers and make recommendations on piping size and piping materials to make sure we specify a system to meet your unique requirements. 

Learn more about how our gas solutions can help you. Call our corporate office at 563.324.5237, or call your local branch.


S.J. Smith is unique in their service and personal attention. S.J. Smith seems to care as much about our business as we do and that is very refreshing. Adam McReynolds, Manufacturing Engineer, Agri-Fab, Sullivan, Ill., 30-year customer, September 2019