Technical Gas Services

Technical Gas Services

Do you need a cryogenic compressed gas or specialty gas system? 

Four bulk gas tanks in front of S.J. Smith Davenport location.From installing a new system through providing comprehensive staff training, you can count on S.J. Smith for all your technical gas service needs.

S.J. Smith provides several technical gas services, including:

  • Installation of gas supply systems
  • Gas mixer calibrations and precision maintenance
  • Gas leak detection and repair
  • Transporting gases.
  • Providing on-site inspections.
  • Providing full-service troubleshooting and repairs.

We routinely work with gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, helium, argon, carbon dioxide, propane, propylene, acetylene and welding shielding gas mixtures, and are well equipped to work with these gases and systems. Whether you are working in a medical facility, manufacturing site or governmental agency, we are fully prepared to provide the technical services you need.

We offer custom-tailored solutions to all our clients, large and small, and pride ourselves on our efficient, reliable solutions and our dedication to our customers, and we’ve worked with organizations including laboratories, defense contractors, medical and mining companies. Learn more about our technical gas services, and how to get an appointment with one of our technicians. Call our corporate office at 563.324.5237, or call your local branch.


S.J. Smith is unique in their service and personal attention. S.J. Smith seems to care as much about our business as we do and that is very refreshing. Adam McReynolds, Manufacturing Engineer, Agri-Fab, Sullivan, Ill., 30-year customer, September 2019