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0.045" SelectAlloy 309L-AP Gas-Shielded Stainless Steel Electrode, Flux Cored, 25# Spool

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0.045" SelectAlloy 309L-AP Gas-Shielded Stainless Steel Electrode, Flux Cored, 25# Spool

SelectAlloy 309L-AP is a gas shielded, flux cored, stainless steel electrode designed to weld in all positions. It has a nominal weld metal composition of 24% chromium and 13% nickel with a maximum carbon content of 0.04%. The low carbon minimizes carbide precipitation and makes the weld metal more resistant to intergranular corrosion. SelectAlloy 309L-AP can be used with 100% carbon dioxide shielding or a blend of 75-80% argon/balance carbon dioxide. Shielding gas mixtures with more than 75-80% argon are not recommended. Classifications & Approvals: E309LT1-1, E309LT1-4 per AWS A5.22 (Also meets E309T1-1, E309T1-4) ABS: E309LT1-1, E309LT1-4 CWB: E309LT1-1, E309LT1-4 Characteristics: SelectAlloy 309L-AP provides superb performance characteristics in all positions, using either 100% CO2 or 75-80% Ar/balance CO2 shielding gas. Flat, well washed beads can be achieved with minimal weaving. Spatter is very low and slag peeling is excellent, minimizing cleanup. Applications: SelectAlloy 309L-AP finds application in the welding of refinery and chemical processing equipment, as well as furnace and auto exhaust parts. It is used to weld type 309 stainless steel, to join carbon and low alloy steels to austenitic stainless steels, to weld 304 clad sheets and for first layer cladding of carbon steel.

AWS Classification:E309LT1-1, E309LT1-4
Core Info:Flux Cored
Material:Stainless Steel
Position:All Position
Trade Name:SelectAlloy 309L-AP
Weight:25 Lb

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