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We have the welding gases, equipment and safety supplies you need

S.J. Smith can provide you with the gases and accessories you need. Whether you need materials and equipment for MIG, TIG or stick welding, or need a multi-process or engine-driven welder, or need something more customized for your operation, or training and safety supplies, S.J. Smith is the provider you need in the Illinois, Iowa and northeast Missouri areas.

S.J. Smith has multiple fill plants ready to provide for your gas needs. S.J. Smith provides gases include NitrogenOxygenArgonHeliumHydrogenCarbon DioxidePropaneAcetylene and numerous specialty gas mixes, as well as all the accessories.

You’ll benefit from our 70-plus years' experience in the gas and welding industry, as well as our trained and expert staff who will partner with you to find the best quality solution for your business. We work with companies from start-up to large-scale Fortune 500, and have experience at all levels, to make sure you have the equipment and services that work best for your operation.

Here’s just a few of our available areas: 

Welding and Training Safety

MIG Welding and MIG products

TIG Welding and TIG products

Stick Welding and stick welding products



Spot Welding products

Need more information? Contact us anytime, or call us at 563-324-5237!


Mike from S.J. Smith was very personable and gave me an honest opinion on what we need and how we can benefit our students. He worked with the manufacturers, and volunteered to come out and give myself and students training on how to run the new CNC router machine. Tod McCullough, Industrial Technology Instructor, Erie High School, Erie, Illinois