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Gas Installations

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Gas Installations

When we install your bulk gas or micro-bulk operation, we sweat the details. We will work with you to determine minimum and maximum pressure requirements, average and peak flow requirements and gas purity needs based on your requirements.

We will ask about future expansion plans, determine the distance from your gas supply system to your use location, and make recommendations on piping size and piping materials to make sure we specify a system to meet your unique requirements. In addition, we’ll set it up so you have the minimum amount of downtime during installation and seamless transfer from your previous system. 

Once installed, we offer telemetry services, to monitor your liquid levels and content and determine the next need to refill and deliver on time – meaning your gas is always there, when you need it.

Learn more about how our gas solutions can help you. Call our corporate office at 563-324-5237, or call your local branch. Or, contact us with our online form.

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"I've been a customer at SJ Smith in Decatur for 10 years now, and every time I stop by, the guys there are so incredibly friendly and helpful. From refilling my oxy/propane mini tanks for metalsmithing work to swapping out my propane tank on my grill, they've always helped me with everything I've needed. When I first started out with a torch, one of the guys even helped me figure out how to disassemble and reassemble my torch and gauges to my tanks safely. Its always a pleasure to swing by." Lindsey Elaine Kirk, Lindsey the Ladysmith, Decatur, Illinois,