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Calibration Gases

Calibration Gases

116 Liter Select Sj Crop 071420 B Calibration Gas

We offer calibration gas mixtures in non-refillable cylinders. These smaller, portable cylinders - available in sizes including 17, 34, 58, 103 or 116 liters - are recommended for gas mixtures and pure gases such as argon, helium and nitrogen. Our disposable calibration gas cylinders can be drop-shipped directly to you within a few business days, and do not require a deposit or have a monthly rental charge.

With a wide range of capacities for any field calibration requirement, they eliminate over-purchasing when small quantities are needed. They are easy to handle, less expensive to ship and occupy very little space. We also can provide multiflow regulators, preset flow regulators and cylinder devalving tools.

S.J. Smith also supplies a full complement of gases and gas accessories, including regulators, hoses, torches, cutting tips and more. Check out our fully stocked catalog online.

Contact S.J. Smith today for your argon supply, by reaching out to your account manager, calling 563-324-5237, going to one of our 12 locations throughout Illinois, Iowa and Missouri, or contacting us online.

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"I've been a customer at SJ Smith in Decatur for 10 years now, and every time I stop by, the guys there are so incredibly friendly and helpful. From refilling my oxy/propane mini tanks for metalsmithing work to swapping out my propane tank on my grill, they've always helped me with everything I've needed. When I first started out with a torch, one of the guys even helped me figure out how to disassemble and reassemble my torch and gauges to my tanks safely. Its always a pleasure to swing by." Lindsey Elaine Kirk, Lindsey the Ladysmith, Decatur, Illinois,