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Dry Ice

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S.J. Smith now provides fresh dry ice for blasting, cleaning, storage, transportation and more!

Call today at 563-324-5237,
or email us here for service in your area! Or, find your local branch here!

We know dry ice has a shelf life, and we want to make sure you have what you need, when you need it. That’s why we produce dry ice on demand, to make sure you receive the newest, freshest ice available.

We see dry ice used in all of the following industries and more. If you have questions about how dry ice might benefit your company or organization, contact us today!

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverage
  • Agricultural
  • Plastics
  • Foundry
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Power generation
  • Electrical
  • Research and development

Dry ice is also used for cleaning or transportation in the following industries:

  • Cooling and manufacturing
  • Food production and storage
  • Bio-medical and pharmaceutical
  • Events and special effects
  • Much, much more

We can provide fresh dry ice for your business, from 3mm to 16mm pellets, as well as dry ice blocks and slices. Call us for available sizes!

We also sell and rent dry ice blasting equipment, and we’re happy to provide a demo for your company. 

Give us a call at 563-324-5237 today to see how we can meet your dry ice or blasting equipment needs! 
Or, send us an email here, and we’ll get in touch!

Are you a current customer? We can add fresh dry ice to your order, with no additional delivery fees*.

*Applies only to orders with dry ice as an add-on item.

Download a Dry Ice Safety information PDF from the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) available here

See the S.J. Smith Dry Ice SDS, available here.


"I've been a customer at SJ Smith in Decatur for 10 years now, and every time I stop by, the guys there are so incredibly friendly and helpful. From refilling my oxy/propane mini tanks for metalsmithing work to swapping out my propane tank on my grill, they've always helped me with everything I've needed. When I first started out with a torch, one of the guys even helped me figure out how to disassemble and reassemble my torch and gauges to my tanks safely. Its always a pleasure to swing by." Lindsey Elaine Kirk, Lindsey the Ladysmith, Decatur, Illinois,