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Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory

More and more manufacturers, distributors, retailers, OEMs and product users are seeing the benefits of using vendor-managed inventory systems. This streamlined supply chain process offers numerous benefits to our clients and we look forward to helping you take advantage of this dynamic approach to supply chain management. Some of the benefits of using a vendor-managed inventory (VMI) system includes:

  • VMI drastically reduces instances of inventory errors since it eliminates the need for manual inventory counts.
  • When manufacturers and distributors use VMI, they can reduce costs associated with rush orders as well as understocking and overstocking products.
  • VMI often operates in the cloud and allows both manufacturers and distributors to use paperless transaction records, delivery receipts, etc.
  • When manufacturers and distributors have access to real-time inventory information, they can effectively streamline their business relationships and communications.

S.J. Smith manages numerous VMI accounts, and can help you take advantage of these benefits for your own company. Call us at 563.324.5237, or call your local branch, to find out how you can save money with Vendor Managed Inventory. 


S.J. Smith has been servicing our account for more than 20 years. During that time Mr. Plunkett was almost like one of employees in that he was looking for ways to make improvements to our procedures. We look forward to many more years of great service from S.J. Smith. Dennis Hanser, President, Wilton Precision Steel, Wilton, Iowa