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0 Tip, Acetylene/Oxygen, Round, Type 118, Cutting Tip for 1/2" Thick Metal

ITEM CODE: 0330-0109
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Cutting Tip; Item Cutting Tip; Type Round, 118; Size 0 (Tip); Metal Thickness 3/8 Inch, 1/2 Inch; Gas Pressure Rating 25/30/35 PSIG (Cutting Oxygen), 3/5/6 PSIG (Preheat)3/5 PSIG (Acetylene); Speed Rating 20/24/28 IPM, 55/60/65 SCFM (Cutting Oxygen), 5/9, 7/11 SCFM (Preheat Oxygen), 12/15 SCFM (Fuel); Kerf Width 0.06 Inch

Deseaming, Scarfling, Gouging; Rivet Washing; Weld Preparation

Item:Cutting Tip
Size:0 (Tip)
Type:Round, 118

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