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0.035" Diameter, 23 to 25 V, 90 to 170 A, 1065 to 1175 Deg F Melting, Gray Anodized, Aluminum, 18 PSI Yield Strength, 35 PSI Tensile Strength, Welding Wire (1 Lb Plastic Spool)

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Welding Wire; Diameter 0.035 Inch; Melting Temperature 1065 to 1175 Deg F; Packaging Type Plastic Spool; Voltage Rating 23 to 25 Volt; Current Rating 90 to 170 Amp; Yield Strength 18 PSI; Tensile Strength 35 PSI; Wire Feed Speed 300 to 500 IPM; Material Aluminum; Anodized Color Gray; Base Material Thickness 1/16 to 1/4 Inch; Application Automotive/Motorcycle Frame, Sport Product - Scooter/Bicycle, General Repair and Maintenance, Aerospace Hardware, Ladder and Frame, Alloy 356 Casting, Wheel, Ship Deck, Furniture; Applicable Standard AWS A5.10/A5.01, ASME SFA 5.10, CWB, ABS, TUV 1153

25% Higher UTS and 50% Higher Yield Strength than 4043 in the as Welded Condition; Moderate/High Strength; Low Melting Temperature/High Fluidity; Low Welding Smut and Discoloration; Low Ductility, Formability and Lower Toughness; Moderate Electrical Conductivity and Thermal Conductivity; Post Weld Fully Heat Treatable Requiring No Base Metal Dilution; Excellent Corrosion Resistance; Low Shrinkage Rate/Reduced Distortion; Low Hot Cracking Sensitivity in Most Application

Diameter:0.035 Inch
Melting Temperature:1065 to 1175 Deg F
Packaging Type:Plastic Spool

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