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0.035" HB-28 Gas-Shielded Mild and Low Alloy MIG Welding Wire, Mid & Low Alloy, 45 Lb Spool

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0.035" HB-28 Gas-Shielded Mild and Low Alloy MIG Welding Wire, Mid & Low Alloy, 45 Lb Spool, 70000 PSI Minimum Tensile Strength(AWS Spec)

Hobart HB-28 ER70S-6 Carbon Steel MIG Welding Wire featuring high deoxidizer content renders exceptional welding performance with CO2 and argon rich shielding gases. Copper coated wire with a 0.035" Dia produces smooth and stable arc with minimal spatter making it ideal for applications where very slow to moderately fast wire speed is required. It finds application in steel castings, auto body, collision repair, pressure vessels, pipes and very thin sheet metal. Good wetting characteristics for allowing uniform tie-in are displayed by the wire. Single or multiple pass welds can be achieved by the wire and it comes in a 45 lb spool. High in deoxidizers Superior weld appeal Excellent wetting characteristics Low spatter levelSpecifications: AWS A5.18: ER70S-6 ASME SFA 5.18, F-6, A-1Applications: General shop applications with poor fit up or rusty, oily plates Construction work Farm implements Pipe, shaft build up Steel castings or forging salvage Tanks Truck bodies Pressure vessel Auto body, collision repair, thin sheet metal

AWS Classification:ER70S-6
Elongation (AWS Spec):22%
Material:Mild and Low Alloy, Copper-Coating
Shielding Gas:100% Carbon Dioxide (CO), 75-92% Argon (Ar)/Balance Carbon Dioxide (CO) 25-50 cfh (9-24 l/min)
Tensile Strength (AWS Spec):70000 psi
Trade Name:HB-28
Type of Current:Direct Current Electrode Positive (DCEP)
Weight:45 Lb.
Welding Position:Flat, Horizontal-Vertical, Horizontal
Yield Strength (AWS Spec):58,000 psi

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