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0.035" Select 70C-6 Gas Shielded Carbon Steel Tubular Welding Wire, 33# Spool

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0.035" Select 70C-6 Gas Shielded Carbon Steel Tubular Welding Wire, 33# Spool

A carbon steel, metal cored electrode for gas shielded arc welding Tubular construction promotes faster travel speeds and better fusion than solid GMAW electrodes High level of deoxidizers enhances welding over hot rolled and rusted plate material Intended for welding carbon steels, such as ASTM A36, A515, and A516 Smaller diameters (1/16" or smaller) can be pulse welded in all positions The versatility of a slag free cored wire makes this ideal for general fabrication, structural steel welds, and thin section applications, such as automotive components and hot water heatersApplications:Select 70C-6 is well suited to applications where higher manganese and silicon levels are essential, such as in the presence of heavy mill scale or mild contaminants, or when improved wetting of the weld bead is desired. This product excels in general purpose welding, but is equally superior in higher demand situations as in heavier sheet metal fabrication, structural work, pipe welding and welding of hot water heaters. Classification & Approvals: E70C-6M per AWS A5.18, ASME SFA-5.18 E70T15-M21A2-CS1, E70T15-M24A2-CS1 per AWS A5.36, ASME SFA-5.36 ABS 3SA, 3YSA, F/VD (75% Ar/25% CO2); DNV 3 YMS, F/VD (75% Ar/25% CO2); Lloyds 2S, 2YS, F(75% Ar/25% CO2); CWB E491C-6, 6M-H4 (100% CO2/Ar + 5% CO2)

AWS Classification:E70C-6M
Core Info:Metal Core
Material:Carbon Steel
Position:All Position
Sheilding Gas:75-95% Ar/balance CO2, 40-55 cfh
Trade Name:Select 70C-6
Weight:33 Lb

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