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15' L, 200 A, Oval, Gun for Air Cooled MIG Welding

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Air Cooled MIG Welding Gun; Item Welding Gun; Size 15 Foot Length; Used On Item Air Cooled Welding; Current Rating 200 Amp; Wire Size 0.035 Inch; Handle Shape Oval; Spring Material Steel

Industry Standard for 40+ Years, Oval Shaped Handle Reduces Grip Required to Manipulate MIG Gun Position; Balanced to Pivot at the Center of the Handle for Ease of Use in Different Welding Positions and thereby Reduces Operator Fatigue; Gun Hanger Located at the Bottom for Ease of Resting Gun when Not in Use; Heavy Duty Design for Industrial Application Environments using Special Plastic Composition for High Impact Crush-Resistant Handle; Steel Spring Strain Relief Provides Support to the Cablehoz Coming out the Rear of the Handle to Minimize Wire Feed Issues; Mechanical Connection of Conductor Tube and Cablehoz within the Handle Providing Excellent Current Path to the End of the Contact Tip; Two (2) Ball-Point Screws are used to Secure the Cablehoz and Conductor Tube in Place; Trigger Contains Silver Plated Contacts with a Self Cleaning Action every Time the Trigger is Engaged and Disengaged; Industry Standard; Metal Jacket Conductor Tube; Enhanced Direct Plug Capabilities

Item:Welding Gun
Size:15 Foot Length
Used On Item:Air Cooled Welding

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