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1/8" MG 80T-AC Plus General Purpose Electrode For Welding Low Carbon Steels

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1/8" MG 80T-AC Plus General Purpose Electrode For Welding Low Carbon Steels, 10 lb. Package, 80,000 PSI Tensile Strength, 68,000 PSI Yield Strength, Approx 24% Elongation

This alloy was designed as a superior fit-up, assembly and tack rod for all low carbon steels Features touch strike and re-strike characteristics Ultra low spatter and easy slag removal Use with AC or DC (either polarity) Value packed in an attractive multi-colored corrugated cartonApplications: Fabrication of thin, medium, heavy and dissimilar gauge mild steels. Sheets, plates, angle iron, beams, pipes and machine parts can be welded in all positions. Also used for filling holes and build-up of over-machined and worn surfaces. Commonly used on applications requiring short, intermittent and spot welds because of the outstanding restarting characteristics. (218602)

Appearance:Solid appearance, non volatile, wire with a flux coating. No odor. Not soluble in water
Elongation:Approx. 24%
Melting Temperature:> 1800 F
Packaging:10 lb.
Polarity:AC or DC (+/-)
Typical Tensile Strength:Up to 80,000 psi
Typical Yield Strength:Up to 68,000 psi

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