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1/8" Nic-L-Weld 99 Nickel Maintenance Alloy Electrode 10# Box

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1/8" Nic-L-Weld 99 Nickel Maintenance Alloy Electrode 10# Box

A general purpose, high-nickel electrode for production and repair of cast iron. Conforms to AWS A5.15, ENiCI Close color match Excellent machinabilityProcedure: Use AC or DC reverse or straight polarity. Clean the weld area Bevel breaks and cracks deep enough so the first pass ties in the bottom of the crack In most cases, preheating is not necessary, but heavy sections should be preheated to approximately 400F Use a short arc. Stringer beads are recommended Skip or back-step weld and peen to relieve stresses. Allow the casting to cool slowlyTypical Application: NIC-L-WELD 99 is for building up, joining, filling holes, breaks and cracks in all types of cast iron. It has very good out-of-position welding characteristics. Parts are frequently repaired without dismantling.

Packaging:10# Box
Tensile Strength:72,000 PSI 500 MPA
Yield Strength (psi):56,500 PSI 390 MPA

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