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18.5" x 43" x 31.5", 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz 1-Phase Input, 5 to 210 A AC/DC TIG Output, 0.02 to 1/4" Aluminum/Steel Capacity, TIG Welding System Package

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TIG Welding System Package; Item TIG Welding System Package; Capacity 0.02 to 1/4 Inch (Aluminum/Steel); Applicable Standard CSA (Canada and US), ISO 9001; Overall Dimension 18.5 Inch Width x 43 Inch Depth x 31.5 Inch Height; Input Supply Rating 120/240 Volt AC 50/60 Hertz 1-Phase; Output Range 5 to 125 Amp AC/DC TIG/20 to 90 Amp DC Stick at 115 Volt, 5 to 210 Amp AC/DC TIG/20 to 150 Amp DC Stick at 230 Volt; Rated Output 125 Amp at 60 Percent Duty Cycle; Open Circuit Voltage 47 Volt DC; Weldable Metal Aluminum/Steel; Welding Mode CC; Application Light Metal Fabrication, Maintenance/Repair Operation, Light Manufacturing, Automotive Repair, Vocational Training, Hobbyist

Why Buy 2 When 1 will Do? - While Other Multi-Process Units Lack the Ability to TIG Weld Aluminum, Your Syncrowave 210 has AC TIG; 5 Amp TIG Capability - Allows Users to Weld Thinner Materials than Other Machines in this Category; Pro-Set Feature (TIG) - Eliminates the Guesswork When Setting Weld Parameters; Auto-Set - a Breakthrough Control that Automatically Sets Your Welder to the Proper Parameters; 6010 Stick Electrode Capability - When the Competition Snuffs Out the Syncrowave 210 Burns on, Even with Difficult to Run Electrodes Used for Less than Ideal Conditions; Low Power Draw - Inverter-Based Power Source Provides Full Welding Output from 240 Volt While Drawing Less than 30 Amps; Easy-To-Use; Use it on 120 AND 240 Volt Input Power; Built-In Running Gear - No Need to Buy a Cart, Your Syncrowave 210 Gives You Maximum Portability with an EZ-Change Low Cylinder Rack and Built-In Storage Space to Better Manage Your Accessories and Easily Transport Everything You Need for Your Project; Fan-On-Demand - Allows the Fan to Run up to 36% Less to Reduce the Amount of Contaminants Pulled though the Machine to Help Extend the life of the Product; 14-Pin Controlled Operator Alternatives - the Standard 14-Pin Connector on your Syncrowave 210 Lets you Choose your Control for a Customized Experience, Whether it's a Foot Control, Fingertip Control or Wireless Foot Control

Applicable Standard:CSA (Canada and US), ISO 9001
Capacity:0.02 to 1/4 Inch (Aluminum/Steel)
Item:TIG Welding System Package

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