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0.035" MaxalMig 4047 Aluminum Filler Alloy, 16 Lb Wire Basket

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0.035" MaxalMig 4047 Aluminum Filler Alloy, 16 Lb Wire Basket, 0.096 lbs/in Density, 1070-1080F Melting Range

Low melting temperature/high fluidity Excellent wetting action for joint sealing applications Low welding smut and discoloration Very low ductility, formability, and toughness Moderate electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity Elevated Temp. Applications +150FBenefits: Excellent corrosion resistance Very lowest shrinkage rate/reduced distortion Low hot cracking sensitivity in most applicationsApplications: Welding 6xxx alloys Radiators and air conditioning components General repair and maintenance Water and gas tight applicationsConformances and Approvals: AWS A5.10, ER4047, R4047 ASME SFA 5.10, ER4047, R4047 AWS A5.01 Class S1, Schedule F

Anodized Color:Dark Gray
Appearance:Round wire
As Welded UTS Typical:38 ksi
Density:0.096 lbs/in
Electrical/Thermal Conductivity:40% IACS/1040 EU
Melting Range:1070-1080F
Packaging:16 Lb Wire Basket
Physical State:Solid
Shielding Gas:100% Argon (Ar) or Argon/Helium mixtures, typical: GMAW - 35-50 cfh, GTAW 20-30 cfh
Type of Current:Direct Current Electrode Positive (DCEP) for GMAW, AC for GTAW

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