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0.045" Select 820-Ni1 Gas Shielded Low Alloy Steel Electrode, Flux Cored, 33# Spool

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0.045" Select 820-Ni1 Gas Shielded Low Alloy Steel Electrode, Flux Cored, 33# Spool

A low alloy steel, gas shielded, flux cored electrode for all position welding Intended for use with 100% CO2 or blends of 75-80% Ar/balance CO2 shielding gases Designed with 1% nickel and microalloying to produce welds with enhanced CVN toughness The arc transfer is soft; it melts onto the puddle in a small to medium droplet mode Typically used to weld steels such as ASTM A203, Gr A, and A352, Gr LC1 and LC2 This product is used in offshore platform construction, welding mining machinery, and bridge construction Classifications & Approvals: E81T1-Ni1CJ-H4, E81T1-Ni1MJ-H4 per AWS A5.29, ASME SFA-5.29 E81T1-C1A4-Ni1, E81T1-M21A4-Ni1 per AWS A5.36, ASME SFA-5.36 MIL-81T1-Ni1C and MIL-81T1-Ni1M per MIL-E-24403/1 ABS 4YSA, DNV 4 YMS, Lloyds 3S, 3YS - (All with 100% CO2 and 75% Ar/25% CO2) CWB E551T1-C1A4-Ni1H4 (E551T1-Ni1C-JH4), E551T1-M21A4-Ni1H4 (E551T-1Ni1M-JH4) Applications:Select 820-Ni1 is an excellent selection for welding those steels requiring good low temperature CVN toughness and moderate (80,000 psi minimum) tensile strength such as ASTM A203 GrA, A352 Cr LC1 and LC2, A572 and A734. These steels are used in offshore platform fabrication, mining machinery, earthmoving equipment and structural applications.

AWS Classification:E81T1-Ni1CJ, E81T1-Ni1MJ
Core Info:Flux Cored
Material:Low Alloy Steel
Position:All Position
Trade Name:Select 820-Ni1
Weight:33 Lb

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