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0.045" Spoolarc 86 Copper Coated Carbon Steel MIG Welding Wire, 44# Spool

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0.045" Spoolarc 86 Copper Coated Carbon Steel MIG Welding Wire, 44# Spool

Spoolarc 86 is a copper-coated solid wire containing high levels of manganese and silicon. Spoolarc 86 is suitable for many carbon steel welding applications using the MIG/Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process. The high levels of deoxidizers in Spoolarc 86 provide excellent tolerance of rust and mill scale. The high levels of manganese and silicon also provide excellent wetting action and a highly fluid weld puddle. Shielding gas choices for Spoolarc 86 in the GMAW mode are 100% carbon dioxide, argon/carbon dioxide mixtures, argon/oxygen mixtures, and other argon based mixed gas blends. Spoolarc 86 excels in HVAC duct work, heavy equipment fabrication, structural, and other general steel fabrication.Specifications:ABS/AWS A5.18: ER70S-6 H4AWS/ASME SFA5.18: ER70S-6AWS/ASME SFA5.17: EH11KMIL-E-23765/1: MIL-70S-6Industries: Automotive Mobile Equipment Industrial and General Fabrication Ship/Barge BuildingWelding Process" GTAW (TIG - Tungsten Inert Gas ) GMAW (MIG/MAG - Metal Inert Gas / Metal Active Gas) SAW - Submerged Arc Welding (313180)

AWS Classification:ER70S-6
Spool:44# Spool
Spool Diameter:12"
Trade Name:Spoolarc 86

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