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035" Spoolarc 83 Low Alloy Steel MIG Welding Wire, 44# Spool

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035" Spoolarc 83 Low Alloy Steel MIG Welding Wire, 44# Spool

Spoolarc 83 contains 0.5% Mo to provide higher deposit strength in both the as welded and stress relieved conditions. It contains high levels of Manganese and Silicon to provide good wetting and good rust and scale tolerance. Spoolarc 83 is also used for all-position welding of high tensile pipe and tubing commonly found in earthmoving and construction equipment. It is available in forms suitable for MIG and TIG welding.Industries Industrial and General Fabrication Mobile Equipment Automotive Ship/Barge BuildingWelding Process GTAW (TIG - Tungsten Inert Gas ) GMAW (MIG/MAG - Metal Inert Gas / Metal Active Gas) SAW - Submerged Arc Welding

AWS Classification:ER80S-D2, ER90S-D2
Spool:44# Spool
Trade Name:Spoolarc 83

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