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1-1/4" NPS Standard Gap-A-Let Socket Weld Contraction Ring

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1-1/4" NPS Standard Gap-A-Let Socket Weld Contraction Ring, 20/Pack

Gap-A-Let is a split ring that is engineered and designed to give you a pre-measured 1/16" minimum gap for socket welds. Made from a certified stainless steel, Gap-A-Let resists corrosion from chemicals, radioactive materials, and water. Gap-A-Let's spring tension makes it fit tightly into all standard sized fittings from 1" to 4". Once inserted into the fitting, the Gap-A-Let ring becomes a permanent part of the joint. It will not rattle or vibrate even under extreme pressure. Designed for use on any socket weld application, Gap-A-Let rings are suitable for Power Piping (Nuclear, Conventional), Industrial Hydraulics, Welded Railroad Air Brake Piping, Petrochemical Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Shipbuilding, and the list goes on and on. These rings are so easy to use; they eliminate the problems caused by guessing the gap. No longer is there a need to scribe into hard-to-mark metal pipe walls. Gap-A-Let rings help piping engineers determine end-to-end length of pipe without guessing. Constant, proper gap gives precise length whether in field run or fab shop assembly.

Ring Free Outside Diameter (+0.015/-0.008):1.780
Ring Radial Wall (+0.004/-0.004):0.105
Ring Thickness (+0.004/-0.004):0.030
Standard Ring:1-1/4" NPS

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