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10" L, 90D, Heavy Duty, High Capacity, Plug Torch and Handle for Welding

ITEM CODE: 0381-1928
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Welding Plug Torch and Handle; Item Plug Torch and Handle; Type 90 Degree, Heavy Duty, High-Capacity; Size 10 Inch Length; Inclusions/Features Flash Arrestor, Check Valve Built-In; Used On Item Welding; Application Ship/Barge Building, Automotive, Railcar, Light/Heavy Fabrication, Offshore Oil, Civil Construction, Repair and Maintenance

Improved head durability, preheat control valve flow and reduced user fatigue due to improved balance; Improved access and reparability of mixer with single nut removal; Superior cutting oxygen valve with improved Feathering/Ease-On control; No wrench flats on connection nut indicates hand tightening only for safer operation; Internal connection snap ring prevents coupling nut sliding and exposure to o-rings for reduced damage (218227)

Inclusions/Features:Flash Arrestor, Check Valve Built-In
Item:Plug Torch and Handle
Size:10 Inch Length
Type:90 Degree, Heavy Duty, High-Capacity
Used On Item:Welding

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