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12.5" x 28" x 14", 24 VAC 50/60 Hz 10 A, 50 to 780 IPM, 0.035 to 1/16" Aluminum Capacity, 1-Wire, Bench, MIG Welding Wire Feeder with Standard Motor/15' Bernard BTB 400 A Gun

ITEM CODE: MIL-951291001
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MIG Welding Wire Feeder; Item MIG Welding Wire Feeder; Type 1-Wire, Bench; Capacity 0.023 to 5/64 Inch, 0.035 to 1/16 Inch Aluminum; Applicable Standard ISO 9001; Overall Dimension 12.5 Inch Width x 28 Inch Depth x 14 Inch Height; Input Supply Rating 24 Volt AC 50/60 Hertz 10 Amp; Input Welding Circuit Rating 750 Amp at 100 Percent Duty Cycle; Wire Feed Speed 50 to 780 IPM; Application Heavy Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, Construction, Light Manufacturing

Wire Speed Control; Four Gear Driven Drive Rolls Provide More Consistent Feeding on Larger Wire Diameter; 10 Foot, 14-Pin Interconnecting Cord for Connecting to any Miller 14-Pin Power Source; Tachometer Feedback to Help Keep Wire Feed Speed Accurate; Digital Meter Ensure Accuracy When Presetting and Reading Actual Voltage, Amperage and Wire Feed Speed; Remote Voltage Control Allows You to Set Both Voltage and Wire Feed Speed at the Feeder, Saving Time and Increasing Weld Quality; Adjustable Run-In Control for Improved Arc Start; Dual Schedule Control Allows the Operator to Switch Between Two Preconfigured Welding Parameters without Readjusting the Machine, Saving Time and Enhancing Quality; Trigger Schedule Select Allows the Operator to Select the Alternative Schedule by Quickly Tapping the Gun Trigger When Not Welding, When Optimized with Mpa Power Sources the Operator Can also Switch from MIG to Pulsed MIG; Trigger Program Select Provides the Ability to Access any of the Four Active Programs; Trigger Hold Allows the Operator to Make Long Welds without Having to Hold the Trigger Continuously Reducing Operator Fatigue; Sequence Control Gives the Operator the Ability to Adjust All of the Welding Parameters: Preflow, Run-In, Weld Time, Crater, Burnback and Postflow; Welding Process Range Control Locks Parameters at a Set Percentage of Welding Parameters to Ensure Welding Procedures and Quality Standards are Maintained on the Shop Floor; Four Weld Program Memories Allow Operators to Recall up to Four Previously Used Processes and their Weld Settings

Applicable Standard:ISO 9001
Capacity:0.023 to 5/64 Inch, 0.035 to 1/16 Inch Aluminum
Item:MIG Welding Wire Feeder
Type:1-Wire, Bench

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