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16 oz. Aerosol can Water Washable Visible Dye Penetrant, Red/Violet, Type 2

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16 oz. Aerosol can Water Washable Visible Dye Penetrant, Red/Violet, Type 2, 40 to 125F Temperature Range

Developed for large surface areas and rough surfaces where excess penetrant is difficult to remove with a solvent removable cleaner or emulsifier, SKL-WP2 is a water-removeable dye penetrant for Type 2 penetrant testing in visible white light.This bright red penetrant is designed to wash off parts with ease, leaving less background for clearer indications " even on rough surfaces. The quick rinsing reduces water usage in the inspection process for a reliable NDT process with less cost per part.This color-contrast penetrant meets all NDT specifics for dye penetrant testing and can be used on a wide variety of metals, including non-ferrous and ferrous. It is normally used on welds, forgings, pressure vessels, castings and general metal work, and it lends itself to a production environment where many parts are inspected daily. Easy, water-wash removal ISO 3452 sensitivity level #2 Can be used with Method A or Method C Vivid, high-contrast red color Superior flaw resolution Good surface wetting Optimized capillary action Works in visible light Very low toxicity Low odor NDT-spec compliantBenefits: Easy to carry and use in the field with the convenient aerosol cans which are carefully designed for consistent, even coverage and maximum test area coverage Use in all conditions without the need for darkness or UV lights Quickly and completely covers the entire test surface due to high surface wettingApplications: Wide range of applications Large parts Castings Forgings Welds Pressure vessels Tubular goods Cracks, Leaks Incomplete weld penetration Incomplete weld fusion Undercutting Slag inclusions Flux inclusions Weld porosity

Density:0.87 g/cc / 7.30 lb/gal
Flash Point:> 200F / 93C
NDT Method:Penetrant Testing, Visible Dye
Physical State:Gas/Pressurized Liquid
Sensitivity Level:ISO 3452 sensitivity level #2
Size:16 oz. Aerosol can
Temperature Range:40 to 125F / 4 to 52C
Type:Type 2
VOC:559.04 g/l
Viscosity:7.89 cs

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