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1/8" x 14" Hardalloy 140 Overlay Electrode, 10 lb. Can

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1/8" x 14" Hardalloy 140 Overlay Electrode, 10 lb. Can

Hardalloy 140 deposits a high chromium carbide alloy steel. It is an excellent general purpose alloy for high abrasion applications coupled with some impact. It maintains its wear resistance to a temperature of 1200 F and offers some corrosion resistance. Hardalloy 140 is designed for overlay on carbon, low alloy, or austenitic manganese base metals or a weld metal base of Hardalloy 32, Hardalloy 118, or Chrome-Mang. Some relief check will occur. The cracking is not detrimental to the wear properties of the deposit and provides some degree of stress relief for the weld metal. Nonmachinable-grinding is difficult Cannot be flamed cutApplications: 3 layers maximum, DCEP or AC Ammonia Knives Augers Bucket Teeth and Lips Bulldozer Blades Cement Chutes Cultivator Chisels and Sweeps Dredge Cutter Heads and Teeth Dredge Pump Side Plates Grizzly Bars and Fingers Manganese Pump Shells Mill Guides Pipeline Ball Joints Plow Shares Scraper Blades Screw Conveyers Sheepsfoot Tampers Sizing Screens

Appearance:Cored/Round Wire
Hardness - As Deposited on 1020 Steel:53 Rc (1 Layer), 57 Rc (2 Layer), 54 Rc (3 Layer)
Hardness - As Deposited on Mn Steel:50 Rc (1 Layer), 55 Rc (2 Layer), 56 Rc (3 Layer)
Packaging:10 lb. Can
Physical State:Solid

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