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2"x 4-1/4" Plastic Magnifying Lens, 2.00 Diopter

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2"x 4-1/4" Plastic Magnifying Lens, 2.00 Diopter, Clear Lens For Use with Elite, Performance And Pro-Hobby Series Helmet

If wear bi-focals or need visual assistance, make welding easier with a 1.75 magnification lens (commonly called "cheater lens") 2 x 4 lens available in 8 different magnification strengths ranging from 0.75 - 2.50 For use with any Miller helmet that has a magnifying lens holder; compatible with all current modelsIndustries Interests Aerospace Boat / Yacht Construction Heavy Equipment Manufacturing High Purity Processing Infrastructure Manufacturing Railcar Shipbuilding

Lens Shade:Clear
Size:2"x 4-1/4"
Use With:Elite, Performance And Pro-Hobby Series Helmet

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