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1/8" x 14" 19 CTD Shielded Metal Arc Welding Electrode, 10 lb Vac Pak

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1/8" x 14" 19 CTD Shielded Metal Arc Welding Electrode, 10 Vacuum Pak, 90 " 130 Amps

Stoody 19 is a solid core hardfacing electrode with easy slag removal. It has a moderate alloy content, providing a balanced performance on abrasion resistance and impact. It has an extruded coating containing the alloying elements. Deposits are not machinable or forgeable Stoody 19 bonds well with carbon, low alloy, and manganese steels Deposits are slightly magnetic on carbon and low alloy steels, but not on manganese steels, and will develop cross checksIndustrial Applications: Impact Breaker Bars Dredge Pump Shells and Impellers Scrapers

Amperage Capacity:90 " 130 Amps
Packaging:10 lb Vacuum Pak

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