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0.045" Select 70S-6 Solid Copper Coated Welding Wire, 33# Spool

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0.045" Select 70S-6 Solid Copper Coated Welding Wire, 33# Spool

Select 70S-6 is a premium carbon steel, "MIG wire", electrode intended for welding carbon steelswith a yield strength range of 55,000-70,000 psi. This product is well suited for steels containing medium tohigh levels of mill scale. The increased levels of manganese and silicon, compared to Select 70S-3, allowthe use of this electrode on mild amounts of contaminants as well. The copper coating on Select 70S-6 iswell controlled at a consistent level and promotes excellent feeding characteristics. Recommendedshielding gases are 75-95% argon/balance carbon dioxide, 95-98% argon/balance oxygen, and 100%carbon dioxide. Flow rates should be 30-50 cfh.Classification:ER70S-6 per AWS/ANSI A5.18, ASME SFA 5.18Characteristics:Select 70S-6 is a premium solid electrode, or "MIG wire", which displays excellent feedability andwelder appeal. The arc transfer is extremely stable and consistent; the electrode can be fed over longconduit distances and at high wire feed speeds without problems. The copper coating displays goodadherence and resists flaking, leading to trouble-free feeding and clean liners. This reduces down time andimproves productivity. Excellent control of wire composition promotes good welding performance andreliable mechanical properties from one lot to the next. All position welding maybe accomplished using theshort circuit (short arc) or pulse arc transfer.Applications:Select 70S-6 is well suited for those applications on carbon steel with a yield strength range of55,000-70,000 psi, where medium to high levels of mill scale are present. It is also a good selection forweldments requiring better tie-in and wetting than possible with a 70S-3 electrode. Select 70S-6 is a superbchoice for welding pressure vessels, structural steel, steel buildings, pipe, and automotive repair.

AWS Classification:ER70S-6
Core Info:Copper-Coated Wire
Material:Carbon Steel
Position:All Position
Trade Name:Select 70S-6
Weight:33 Lb

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