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1/16" 720HP Flux Cored Gas Shielded Electrode, All Positions, 60 lb CL

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1/16" 720HP Flux Cored Gas Shielded Electrode, All Positions, 60 lb CL

Excellent CVN toughness. Exceptional resistance to moisture pickup. Easily exceeds all "recommended requirements." Advantages: Possesses excellent notch toughness at -40F using Ar/ 20-25%CO or 100%CO shielding gases Low fume generation rates and diffusible hydrogen levels meeting H4 requirements Excellent bead geometry and all-position weldability Minimal spatter emission and easily removed slag reduce weld c lean up Classifications: E71T-1MJ, E71T-1CJ, E71T-9MJ, E71T-9CJ, E71T-12CJ, E71T- 12MJ/E81T1-GM-H4 per AWS A5.20, ASME SFA 5.20, E71T1-M21A4-CS2, E71T-C1A4 per AWS A5.36 Approvals: ABS 3YSA (CO/C25), Lloyd"s 4YS (C25), DNV III YMS (CO/C25), CWB E491T-12J, 12MJ-H4 (CO/C25) Applications: There are numerous applications for which Select 720HP is well suited, many of them previously reserved for EXX18 covered electrodes. This electrode excels in welding where requirements are stringent, such as offshore platforms and pipe systems, pressure vessels, oil and gas pipelines, petrochemical pipelines, structural steel, bridge fabrication and many others.

CVN (ft"lb ) @ -20F (100% CO):95
CVN (ft"lb ) @ -20F (75% Ar/25% CO):85
CVN (ft"lb ) @ -40F (100% CO):70
CVN (ft"lb ) @ -40F (75% Ar/25% CO):65
CVN (ft"lb ) @ -50 F (100% CO):37
CVN (ft"lb ) @ -50 F (75% Ar/25% CO):40
CVN (ft"lb ) @ 0 F (100% CO):110
CVN (ft"lb ) @ 0 F (75% Ar/25% CO):101
Packaging:60 lb CL
Percent Elongation (100% CO):28
Percent Elongation (75% Ar/25% CO):28
Shielding Gas:100% CO, 75-80% Ar/balance CO, 40-55 cfh
Ultimate Tensile Strength (100% CO):81500 psi
Ultimate Tensile Strength (75% Ar/25% CO):88000 psi
Welding Positions:All Positions
Wire Dia.:1/16"
Yield Strength (100% CO):66700 psi
Yield Strength (75% Ar/25% CO):76000 psi

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