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15' Quick Load Liner for 0.045" - 1/16" Wire, High Carbon Steel - Round Wound

ITEM CODE: 415-116-15Q
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15' Quick Load Liner for 0.045" - 1/16" Wire, High Carbon Steel - Round Wound, Replaces Conventional Liner 415-116-15

Innovative QUICK LOAD Liners from Tregaskiss install from the front of the MIG gun in less than half the time required to install conventional liners, increasing uptime, cost savings and safety. Require less than half the time and effort to replace compared to conventional liners. This innovative front-loading liner is a two-piece system with the retainer installed inside the power pin on first use, and is compatible with Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN Robotic and Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Guns, and Bernard BTB MIG Guns. During the initial installation of the QUICK LOAD Liner, the retainer remains mated with the liner while it is installed through the rear of the MIG gun like a conventional liner. Subsequent liner replacements occur through the front of the gun without a need to replace the retainer

Compatible With:" TOUGH GUN Robotic MIG Guns (CA3 & TA3)" TOUGH GUN Automatic MIG Guns (MA1)" Bernard BTB Semi-Automatic MIG Guns" Bernard TGX Semi-Automatic MIG Guns" Bernard Clean Air Semi-Automatic MIG Guns
Gun Length:15'
Material:High Carbon Steel
Replaces Conventional Liner:415-116-15
Wire Size:0.045" - 1/16"

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