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#5, 2-1/2 to 3" Plate Thick, 12.5 to 14" Speed, 0.11" Kerf, 100 PSIG Cutting Oxygen, 55 PSIG Preheat, 2.1 PSIG Fuel, Stainless Steel Inner Tube, Divergent High Speed, Natural Gas Cutting Tip for Welding Torch

ITEM CODE: 107D7-5
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Welding Torch Cutting Tip; Item Cutting Tip; Type Divergent High Speed, Natural Gas; Size #5; Material Stainless Steel (Inner Tube); Used On Item Welding Torch; Plate Thickness 2-1/2 to 3 Inch; Cutting Oxygen Pressure Rating 100 PSIG; Preheat Pressure Rating 55 PSIG; Fuel Pressure Rating 2.1 PSIG; Cutting Speed 12.5 to 14 Inch per Minute; Kerf Width 0.11 Inch

Each KOIKE Fitting Tip is Designed for Proper Gasefficiency and to Provide the Highest Cutting Accuracy; All 100 Series and Epoch Series Cutting Tips are Designed to Help Prevent Damaging Flashbacks and Backfires into the Torch; Every Cutting Tip is Checked for Form, Fit and Function then Fired and Cycled to Ensure that the Preheat Flame and Jet Oxygen are of KOIKE Quality; Limited Lifetime Warranty 23271711

Item:Cutting Tip
Material:Stainless Steel (Inner Tube)
Type:Divergent High Speed, Natural Gas
Used On Item:Welding Torch

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